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here are some things i made/am making

Overarching Projects

VaporPepsi/VP44 [2018-2021, 2023?]

Looking to the future, via the past. Very outrun-influenced, its primary color schemes are still used on this site

ANG3LVP44 [2021-2023]

Being the light you need to find. Primarily black-and-white color scheme, I also used pink and blue chromatic aberration

VPS/VPRA [2023-]

Becoming free, whether in life or death. Identical color scheme and similar overall visuals to ANG3LVP44, just a bit more refined and finished


an alternative Earth, told through alternative history.
website: AltWorld Wiki
project activity: february 2021 - today


Bring me your tired soul and I can make it anew. We can be the beginning of the Syndication.

Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc

released June 24 2022


"What does it mean to die?"
"It means to be forgotten."
when its ready.