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welcome to vp44 at neocities

keep this one bookmarked nerds

real china

[taiwan best country]

who is this vp44

  • digital creator. perpetual exister.

  • the blur between perception and reality.

  • if you would like more info about me see here

how to contact the vp44?

  • preferred method of contact is through discord [ANG3LVP44#6695]

  • you can email me (vaporpepsi44 at gmail.com) as well, but i dont check it often

the latest:

jan 10 2023

obligatory late hapy new year
on yo favorite site
the 'cool stuff' section i never used is now the quick directory
which is basically cool new stuff that i may or may not add to the header

quick directory

this isnt all i have to offer but heres some things which may interest you


- The alternative history simulation.

Learning Center

- my attempt at tutoring

stress button