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welcome to vp44 at neocities

keep this one bookmarked nerds

real china

[taiwan best country]

who is this vp44

  • digital creator. perpetual exister.

  • the blur between perception and reality.

  • if you would like more info about me see here

how to contact the vp44?

  • preferred method of contact is through email (vaporpepsi44 at gmail.com)

the latest:

may 11 2024

thinking of doing website commissions
if youre here its probably cuz you clicked my link in discord so
you can dm me there or email me up to you, if ur interested
i can do styles that arent this site obv i can do a lot of things
ask and find out :)))))

latest blog

"Why you should own both digital and analog music"

an adventure into hidden youtube aggravations

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